Independent Financial Advisers

About US

Managed Wealth Ltd is a privately owned business based in London UK.

It has been directly authorised by the FCA since 2012.

As its owner, I have been an independent financial adviser & authorised since 1991 – always working for clients to help improve their finances, rather than the companies that want to sell products. Whilst we have the same regulator as the largest institution, as a small firm we have a very different relationship with our clients. We are not a mass market firm, and can only provide the level of advice and service we do to a limited number of clients – making them all important to us, as individuals.

My expertise has focussed on investments and legitimate tax planning, as well as on how to run a business efficiently. Technology and modern communications have been instrumental in our ability to keep costs to a minimum, whilst providing above average levels of service and insight.

In 2016 we started working with Accruvis ( ) to help provide products based on UK transparency & value, for offshore advisers and their clients.

Regulatory Information

To help ensure that we put our client’s needs first, we are regulated by the UK financial services regulator – The Financial Conduct Authority                    fca register of firms

We are paid by our clients, who are always aware of what we are doing for them and what our fees will be.